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Group Shots:
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Audio Snippets:

A few years ago The Rascals were asked to do some recordings for a radio show. We asked the public to post suggestions online. These are the products of that taping:
Actor's Nightmare 1 - Cigarette Posterboy

Actor's Nightmare 2 - Gem Mine

Actor's Nightmare 3 - Recycled Birdbaths
Experts 1 -Gregorian Chant
Experts 2 - Outer Space
First Line, Last Line 1 - Dashboard Hula Dancers
First Line, Last Line 2 - Kieth Richards
Interogation 1
Interogation 2
Interogation 3
Monkey in the Middle 1 - Noah
Monkey in the Middle 2 - Caveman
Questions - Residue From Celebrity Careers
Open Scene 1 - Moonbeams
Open Scene 2 - Rejected Pancakes
Open Scene 3 - Flooded Basement
Open Scene 4 - Charlton Hesston's Sidekick
Open Scene 5 - Dairy Farming
Open Scene 6 - Drywall

Improvised Rehearsal Stories:
How do you start a Rascals rehearsal? Why...tell stories over coffee of course. Yup, that is literally what we did. No appologies for bad grammer or random story lines, we just wrote 'em as we heard 'em. Don't ask how we got to the story, just enjoy our goofy antics.
Story 1 - Magic Nichelodean
Story 2 - Fire
Story 3 - Chocolate Bar
Story 4 - Tribute
Story 5 - Long Armed Boy
Story 6 - Porcupine
Story 7 - Brothers

Video Snippets:
A long time ago The Rascals filmed a lot of their shows. Since then we have out dated video technology, lack of funds to pay for it, lack of interest, and we got too darn lazy. Here are some snippets that we do have. It's been said...They're old, but the do show what we do:
Questions (2002)

Barrell (2002)

Day in the life (2002)
Rascals Live on The Big Breakfast Show (2003)
Rascals Comedy Improv Trailer (2005)
Half Time Story (2007) - Pinochio
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