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The Current Troupe:
Cora Hope Kerri Mitch Simon Tim    
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    ROCs: Past Rascals:

These are our ROCs
(Rascals On Call) The following are former Rascal members who you may see join us on stage from time to time:

Anita Daher
Julie Dooley
Manon Ottenbreit
Dan Piché
Scott Pilgrim
Brad Zacharias

Nicole Alty
Charlotte Barkman*
Megan Bedard
Gina Borges
Felicia Buhler*
Anita Daher
Simon Davis
Julie Dooley*
Josef Estabrooks
Cora Fast
Hope Figueroa
Joelle Gardiner*
Kami Goertz
Dean Harder
Tim Horch
Chris Horrocks
Colleen Hrabi
Candace Huntly
Kim Ireton
Les Klassen
Megan Krohn*
Mitch Krohn
Ernst Mantler
Lyle Morris
D. J. Nelham
Dan Piché
Scott Pilgrim*
Dan Richert
Carey Smith
Kyle Rudge
Marilyn Rudge*
Zarah Tinholt*
Tim Webster
Kerri Woloszyn
Brad Zacharias

*Used a different name as a Rascal

The Rascals formed in 2001. We have quite an interesting history. We have had over 30 troupe members since then. We started with three people, and have had teams sized between 12 to 4 at any given time.
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We have commited ourselves to CLEAN comedy. That means we guide our shows free of innuendoes, profanity, nudity, or harmful stereotypes. We work hard to ensure that each and every shows are a safe environment for our audiences.

The troupe members come from diverse theatrical backgrounds and training which they use to enhance their hilarious, interactive performances.