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Booking Info
Who to Contact?

Tim Webster
Public Relations Coordinator
Email: crosseyedrascals@gmail.com

Our Calendar

What types of Bookings:
Corporate Functions
Church Functions
Youth Group Functions
Improv / Acting Workshops
Public Speaking Workshops

Designing YOUR Show:

T1)Select YOUR Show Type
Because of the unpredictable nature of improvisational comedy, no two shows are exactly alike. A show can vary in length depending on the requirements of an organizer. Longer shows typically include both familiar short-form pieces - such as from "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" - and less-familiar long-form pieces such as those performed by Second City.

2)Set YOUR Budget
If you are interested in making a booking but find that our rates do not fit your budget, please contact us to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. Costs will account for YOUR show length, number of Rascals involved, and travel.

3)Add Suggestions / Particpation
Performers will arrive with a "game plan" or "set list," but all improvised scenes are based on suggestions solicited from the audience right then and there. Also, it is quite common for Performers to include audience members in the action.

3)Custom Scenes
Although the Rascals are primarily improv artists, we can provide rehearsed sketch comedy in addition to improv favourites.

4)Learn the Skills
Some audiences have been so insistent about "getting in on the action" that the Rascals have added the option of presenting workshops to interested parties. Instructors from the Crosseyed Rascals have honed their teaching skills at a variety of institutions, and can cover a variety of topics. Prices for workshops can either be dayrates or pro-rated per attendee.

5)Choose the Rascals
The Crosseyed Rascals work hard to ensure that each and every show is a safe environment for EVERYONE to have some good, clean wholesome fun. The Rascals have the keen ability to create scenes and characters on the spot. The troupe members come from diverse theatrical backgrounds and training which they use to enhance their hilarious, interactive performances.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can fit into your next event!