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And the sugestion is....Chocolate Bar...or The Adventures of Convection Boy!
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A change of paragraph is a change of Rascal telling the story.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, but not so long ago that there weren’t machines and manufacturing, last century, there was a boy.  The boy had a dream that he would make and consume the ultimate confection.  He didn’t know what it was or going to be, he just knew that one day he would be the one to invent it.  Everyone would copy him.  You may think this is Willy Wonka, but it’s not, this is somebody else entirely.  In his pursuit of the ultimate confection, he tried many different configurations.  He tried making candies into circles, he tried making candies into triangles.  But every-time he tried them out on family and friends it was never quite right, either the texture was a little bit off or the flavours wasn’t just right.  He realized that if he was going to do something extra-ordinary he had to get out of his ordinary circumstances.  So he packed his few belongings and took what money he had in his savings and he went on a journey. 


To the country of Kyrgyzstan where he met nomads and sheep hearders where he went through the hills trying to find new ways of doing things, and new attitudes toward candy, and new attitudes toward vegetables, and food in general. He asked the nomads what he could do to help them in their passage through the countryside and if there was anything they could use to help.  Many of the nomads and shepherds would say it was very hard for them to get all the proteins that they needed because they could never refrigerate anything while they were walking through the fields.  That gave him an idea. 

He would create a backpack with a refrigerator inside.  Instead of creating a new confection that the world would enjoy, he would create a refrigerated backpack.  So he took his idea, he went back home, and created a lab for himself in his basement and worked and worked and worked.  One day he thought he had created the first refrigerated backpack.  He tested it out by putting all the ice in his freezer into the backpack and took it outside on a really hot day and waited.  For hours he looked at the backpack hoping that when he opened it the ice would still be frozen.

Now, as a boy from Saskatchewan, he knew that his time to test this outside was coming to an end.  He could see the fall colours in the trees coming out.  When he opened the backpack and saw the ice had melted, he was so upset.  He thought, “Kyrgyzstan is so far away, what if I wrote them a letter and told them I invented this.  That they helped me.  And I’m doing great in Saskatchewan.  And everyone in Canada loves the fridge backpack.” So he wrote the letter and sent 100 copies to all his friends in Kyrgyzstan.  He went on with his day and thought, “at least Kyrgyzstan thinks I’m successful.”  He went back into his lab to start work on his new project.  It was going to be amazing! 

It was going to be a new way of sending letters.  Because he got a wrist cramp from writing 100 letters in one day to all of his friends. It wasn’t just about his invention, it was about how he was doing and what he remembered about their lives.  Then he suddenly realized he may have put himself on an extended letter writing campaign, because those 100 people might write back to him.  In fact, some of them did.  They began to demand that he sell his amazing product to them.  They were so glad that he hadn’t forgotten their plight as they trudged through the fields unable to refrigerate their important supplies and things.  Now he was in a real pickle.  He decided that first he needed the letter writing machine to make it easier to correspond with them back and forth, then, it would be easier to go back to the refrigerated backpack.  He sighed and thought of his confection dreams when he was a boy.

As he was working on his letter writing machine, there was a knock at the door.  He was surprised because everyone he knew had moved away and was no longer living in his small Saskatchewan town.  They were quite perturbed by his insanity to make this new machine.  He approached the door and opened it.  To his surprise it was the prime-minister of Kyrgyzstan.  They felt neglected that he had not sent his new invention to help them.  Then the truth came out.  They discovered that he had been lying about his new invention all along.  This caused a very great rift between Canada and Kyrgyzstan.  Little did he know that he was gonna cause such an international incident.  War was declared. One small nation, and one extremely polite nation, had a war where they hurled insults at one another.  They couldn’t decide what was a worse insult.  It was during this time of turmoil that he finished his letter writing machine.  He proceeded to write letters to every inhabitant in Kyrgyzstan to say…

“I’m really sorry guys.”