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And the sugestion is....Brothers
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There once were two brothers, each had an extraordinary ability.  One brother had ears so large that he could hear for miles and miles.  The other brother had absolutely amazing eyes and could see almost microscopically.  The only problem was neither of the brothers knew how to speak.  They would communicate with one another by making hand gestures or grunting or making animal noises, but they never learned to speak any specific language.  It made it difficult when they were forced to leave their home and go out into the streets. 

They couldn’t communicate with anyone but they decided that they would find a teacher that could teach them how to talk, or at least how to communicate with the rest of the world.  So they sot out a young woman, who happened to be a teacher.  She was a school teacher by day, but they went to her in the


evenings and she taught them lessons.  They were very good students but had a lot trouble learning any particular language.  She tried teaching them English.  She tried teaching them French.  She tried teaching them German.  They could read them, but couldn’t speak them.  The two brothers grew more and more attached to this woman, and they both fell in love with her.

The teacher had seen this before.  Quietly, and compassionately managed both of their clumsy advances.  Still curious as to their difficulty with languages, she put them on to a researcher.  After they did some MRI scans they discovered that Billy, the one with the larger ears, and Bobby, the one with the larger eyes, because theses senses were so dominant in their sensory perceptions that the portions of their brain that were dedicated to language were actually taken up with processing all the information they got from their eyes, and their ears.  The only people with whom they could really communicate was with each other.  Which was unfortunate because, instead of the life long comradery they had, they now had a rivalry for the affection of the teacher, who was nearly as good at understanding the brothers as they were themselves.   

The teacher came up with an idea.  In order for them to learn language she would, somehow, stop their abilities.  So one day when the boys showed up to have their lesson, she had with her a blindfold and earmuffs.  She put the earmuffs on one, and the blindfold on the other.  She began to speak.  Miraculously the boys understood what she was saying.  She tried in English.  She tried in French.  She tried in Spanish.  They could understand EVERY single language that was being spoken to them.  Then she challenged them to start speaking on their own.  To their surprise, they were not only fluent in English but they could speak every language that they had heard.  Now that they had dulled their extra senses they had realized that they had remembered EVERYTHING that they had heard.  They had photographic memories as well, which made it very difficult because now they remembered overhearing a conversation that the teacher had with one of their neighbours.

They remembered that the conversation went something like this, “I have these two new students.  They’re very sharp, they’re very quick, they’re very intelligent, but they don’t speak.  I’m worried about these students.  I’m worried that they might never get anywhere in the world.  I’ve noticed that these students seem that they might have taken an interest in me.  I’m not sure how to tell them that we will never be together.”  Having remembered this, one of the brothers decided he was going to take a stand.  It was Billy who did this.  He decided that he would tell teacher that he did, in fact, love her, once and for all with words.  Billy said, “I have to tell you something…I love you, I’ve always loved you, I loved you since the moment I saw you.”  Bobby, hearing this, got very very upset.  He said, “I love you, I’ve always loved you, I loved you since the moment I saw you.”  The other brother got upset.  They were both very angry at each other and started fighting.  They fought and fought and fought until they were both bloody and their faces were bruised and they were both panting in a pile on the floor.

“This is not how I wanted this to turn out,” said the teacher.  Billy and Bobby had spent so much of their lives together and working together in perfect cooperation this was unheard of, and it didn’t look to good on the teacher either.  The boys decided that they had to have a contest, and whoever won the contest won the hand of the teacher.  Of course they forgot to consult the teacher who would not have had any part of this what-so-ever.  They were so excited about their idea of this and their contest, they ran out and started figuring out what a fair contest would be.  Billy wanted it to be all about music and musical tolerance, and Bobby wanted it to be all about colour, and colour tones, and colour pallets, so they were having a hard time even agreeing on what they should be fighting about.  Just then, two young girls came along.

These girls were known around the world for having special abilities.  One had the ability to filter and factor out smells and odours so that she could pinpoint the fragrance of mountain flowers from the foothills.  It was the other sister whose ability was the most impressive of them all.  She could sense the emotions of people.  She could feel the emotions and she knew exactly what was needed.  Having this ability, these sisters walked up to the two brothers.  Without missing a beat, she walked up to the one and took his blindfold off.  She walked up to the other and took his earmuffs off.  They were both in shock.  They stared at the two sisters and they looked right at them.  The one sister said, “I know, and it’s alright, we love you too."