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And the sugestion is....Fire
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A change of paragraph is a change of Rascal telling the story.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cynthia.  She was smart and beautiful and she had a lot of suitors coming to see her on a daily basis.  And she was thinking about potentially getting married at this point of her life.  The suitors were in various stages of maturity, some of them had good jobs and some of them had not-so-good jobs.  One day a young man came to her house. 

He knocked on the door, and Cynthia opened it but wasn’t happy with what she saw because he was short and fat and wasn’t dressed nice, but she thought “well, I invited him here, I might as well let him come in.” So he came inside and she was so rude to him and mean, and he tried to be nice to her, but she was just horrible.  Finally he said, “well, I have a magic power,” and this intrigued Cynthia. But he said. “I can’t really show it to you until I trust you, and if I don’t trust you it won’t work.  So if you really want to see it, we’re gonna have to be nice to each other, and you’re gonna have to trust me.”



Cynthia wasn’t sure what to make of this because being nice to people, she had already made up her mind about this, was not the easiest thing in the world to do.  So they made a plan.  That’s really the only way to get around these things.  She made a plan.  They would get together for coffee, once a week, they would spend an hour together and took turns talking, learning how to listen to each other.  Over time Cynthia found that she was, although the little man’s - who had no name – appearance did not change, she found that he was becoming more and more attractive. One day he said to her,

I think it’s time we take this to the next level.” Cynthia was afraid at first. She was ready to make this step of commitment, but she didn’t know exactly where it was gonna go.  He told her, “I need to take you to my home country.”  She was surprised. She thought he was from down the street. But no, he was from a small island nation.  So she agreed it was time to travel with this gentleman.  She did realize that she had never heard his name.  Every time she would ask, all he would do is smile and give her a little wink and say, “someday you’ll know.” So she decided to trust him, and they boarded a water-plane, and they took off high above the clouds so she couldn’t see which direction they were going.

After what felt like many, many hours they arrived at the little man’s home island.  They got off the plane, and she saw all sorts of other small people who looked a little bit like this little man.  He showed her around, and showed her the beach where he used to swim as a child, the home that he lived in with his family of small tiny people. Then the went to the Island’s archives where he showed her a book, a very special book of his family.  As she opened the book, she photographs of people who looked like the tiny man.  At the very end of the book she saw his name, but it was a language she couldn’t read.  Finally, she just lost it, and she said,

“I trusted you and I’ve fallen in love with you, and yet I still don’t know your name!”  He just smiled and said “in good time.”  Then Cynthia, in a great rage, took the book and threw it at a fireplace – that had no place in an archives building.  And the book went up in flames! The poor little man said, “there’s no way I can trust you, if that  is how you’re gonna react.” Cynthia looked at him with rage and distain and said, “what did you think was gonna happen?”

Suddenly, as the book caught fire, so did the little man.  Everyone, whose name was in the book all across the island, caught fire at the same time.  Which effectively left Cynthia stranded on the island with no way to get off because all the pilots were these little people who all burned to death, so she became the sole survivor and owner of this tropical island.  No one ever heard from her again. 

- Banter -