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And the sugestion is....Long Armed Boy
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A change of paragraph is a change of Rascal telling the story.

Once upon a time there was a young boy that had one arm that was longer than the other.  One arm was very short, and it only came up to his belly button, while the other arm was extremely long and dragged on the ground.   It was good for when he was doing things like playing basketball or reaching for the cookie jar on the top shelf.  But his other arm, he had a very hard time with other things like tying his shoes or picking up his pencil when it fell on the floor.  This distressed the boy so he went outside for a long walk.

On his walk he noticed this little girl following behind him, just close enough that he would feel that someone was there.  He kept looking back.  Every time he would look back she would jump behind a tree or behind a bush.  So finally he hid behind a bush and waited for her to come out.  When she started walking toward him, he jumped out and said, “What are you doing?!” 


She looked and said, “I just wanted to see your arm, I’ve never seen that before.” He got really upset and he thought, “Well this isn’t very nice, this isn’t what you should be doing.” She said, “I think it is awesome! I think there are a lot of cool things that we could do with that!  I think you would be really good at sports and games, maybe there could be some practical jokes we could play on the teacher.  He thought, “Yeah, this is something I should do.”

So now the boy had something that he never had before, a friend.  They got up to all kinds of hijinks together.  They became a sort of duo, if you saw one the other was never far behind.  They got up to all kinds of pranks on the teacher and they became a stellar badminton pair, nobody could beat them at badminton – or tennis either – they were just a fantastic pair.  Until one day the girl came walking up to the boy and she had tears in her eyes.  “Oh no” he said “What’s the matter?” She said, “My parents are moving to another city.”

The boy was distraught, he couldn’t believe that his only friend was leaving so soon.  He couldn’t stand thinking about having to make a new friend.  All the other kids made fun of his arm and the little girl was the only one who really understood him.  The day soon came, and she did move away with her family.  He would write letters to her and send photographs but it wasn’t quite the same.  A few years later, when the boy was older, he was heading to school. Once again he noticed something behind him.  He turned around and saw this man with a big bushy beard.  He turned around and the man didn’t jump into the bushes like the little girl did, instead he walked up to the boy and he talked to him.  He said, “Young man, I own a circus, would you interested to join the circus to be a curiosity?”  The boy said, “Well, I’m still in school and got a lot of livin’ left to do.”  The man said, “You could make a lot of money being a curiosity in the circus.”  The boy said, “Well, I’ll have to think about it.”   He did think about it.

He decided that this would be the life for him.  He travelled the world with the circus, and as circus people go, he became extremely popular.  His name was everywhere.  He even got into the Guinness book of world records for the longest arm, ever!  His life began to shape up and he discovered that he had a lot more friends, but they weren’t true friends, they were people that were after his money or people that wanted to be with him because he was the famous long armed man of Massachusetts.  Until one day, they travelled to a small Australian town, and he heard a familiar voice. 

It was Sally, his childhood friend.  She had followed his career with some admiration but had felt a little timorous about approaching him.  She didn’t want him to think that she was only interested in rekindling they’re friendship because of his fame and money.  But the long armed man from Massachusetts had enough money that he took her out for a really nice dinner on the beach.  They caught up and discovered that they were truer friends than ever.  And to make a long armed story short, they got married and lived happily ever after.