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Theatrical Resume:

Through the Looking Glass Engine-Driver John Chase Merlyn Productions
Ghosts After Ibsen Father Manning Brendan Carruthers Tara Players
Nothing Sacred Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov Chris Johnson Black Hole Theatre Company
The Last Days of Cleopatra Ensemble Noam Gonnick Tara Players
How The Other Half Loves Frank Foster Jessina Cheffinsd Tara Players
Lysistrata Ensemble Chris Johnson Black Hole Theatre Company
Alternatives Dale Cartland Ray Cloutier Tara Players
Fidelio Soldier Larry Desrochers Manitoba Opera Association
La Bohème Waiter, Military Band Brian Deedrick Manitoba Opera Association
On The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Nukhin John Chase Merlyn Productions
Aida Soldier, Boatman Brian Deedrick Manitoba Opera Association
Clue Wadsworth Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Debit and Credit Axel Mary Kelly Campbell Tara Players
The Hunting Party Dr. William Ashley Mark Moir Looking Glass Productions
Rehearsal for Murder Max Headspace Glenn Zaretski Murder on the Menu
For Whom the Sothern Belle Tolls Lawrence Gail Henderson Brown Short Pencil Productions
Victorian Murder Mystery Bob Scratchit Shawn Kowalke Evil Bob Live
Zorro Rides Again Scar Bob Frost Bob’s Wild West Adventures
Wyatt Earp Doc Holiday Bob Frost Bob’s Wild West Adventures
Zorro Rides Again Scruff Bob Frost Bob’s Wild West Adventures
The Big Game Dr. Edward Mueller Bo Cloutier Scheme-a-Dream
Go Back for Murder Justin Fogg Xiam Webster Townhouse 9 Productions
Crystal City Don Bloggins Xiam Webster TanX Productions
Kiss The Frog Passionate Man Rob Slade Theatre X
Pop Goes the Weasel James Blade Glenn Zaretski Murder on the Menu
Egad, What a Cad! Richard Bonefide Liz Farler Phoenix Productions
Switched at the Crossroads Manly Rash Liz Farler Phoenix Productions
Skylink '96 Galileo Galilei Anthony Ducharme Star Riders
The Vestry Blake Foster Liz Farler Phoenix Productions
An X-mas Carol Frederick Hallmark Rob Slade Theatre X
Chokecherry Wine Phillip Barnes Randy Apostle Souris Valley Theatre
Ranchers and Rustlers Sam Randy Apostle Souris Valley Theatre
The Picture of Dorian Gray Dorian Gray Ted Korol Tara Players
Henry IV: Part One Prince Hal Khal Shariff Winnipeg Shakespeare Company
On a Wing and a Prayer T. Gordon Barclay, Jr Katherine Cormack Living Christmas Tree Productions
Anne of Green Gables Mr. Phillips Kimberley Timlock Wpg. School of Performing Arts
Of Castles and Kings Sandy Allen Katherine Cormack Living Christmas Tree Productions
Enter the Fool Barjo Enter Lynn Langdon Miracl Theatr
The Wind in the Willows Rat Tony Frost Fantasy Theatre for Children
Plaza Suite Borden Eisler Dick Pugh Townhouse 9 Productions
Pawn of Darkness Fritzie Jon Ted Wynne The King’s Players
The Farce of Master Pierre Pathelin The Judge Jon Ted Wynne The King’s Players
The Summoning of Everyman Goods Jon Ted Wynne The King’s Players
Better Living Junior Chris Johnson Black Hole Theatre Company
Woman Alone Ensemble   Black Hole Theatre Company
Mary Barnes Paul Barnes George Toles Black Hole Theatre Company
Grief Teacher Carter Hadlow Kaiju Productions
Dead Men Henry Rickler Robin Blanchard Electric Reel Media
Hey Adult Adam Myron James Tataryn Triumphant Dream Pictures
Lanfeust Quest The Lookout (voice) Antoine Charreyron Gaumont Animation
Jack: the Jack Layton Story Continuity Extra Jeff Woolnough CBC Television
Mr. Electric (commercial) Homeowner David Lewis Tripwire Media
Among Thieves Mike Paul Boge Firegate Films
Shall We Dance? Continuity Extra Peter Chelsom DANSU
Season on the Brink Continuity Extra Robert Mandel ESPN
Sir Littergold: the Music Video Sir Littergold   Windmill Lane Productions
Roswell: The Aliens Attack Continuity Extra Brad Turner Universal / Paramount
Informational Video Eddy, the Eco-Dog Lorane Poersch Desert Rose Productions
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes Aaron Kim Todd Winchester Televistion
The Doubter The Doubter Yvette Nolan Active Word Productions
Follow Me Ensemble Deanna Waters Trinity Television
Other Theatre Experience
Educational Theatre Writer/Director 1994-2000 Phoenix Productions
Liturgical Theatre Wrier/Director 1999-2010 Riverwood Community Church
Improvisational Theatre Additional Cast 1994-2001 Celebrations Dinner Theatre
Musical Political Satire Writer/Director/Performer 2001-2019 BS Comedy Players
Street Theatre Kids Host 2002-Present Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Theatre Education Theatre Ensemble Course Instructor 2008 Canadian Mennonite University
Theatre Education Theatre Teacher 2003-2011 The King's School
Education / Training
Theatre Program     University of Manitoba
Writing, Rehearsing, & Performing Church Drama   Katherine Cormack Concord College
Introduction to Christian Drama   Sara Pasaciel Providence University College
Jazz Dancing   Kimberly Timlock Wpg. School of Performing Arts
Gospel as Drama   Nick Hunter Gospel Mennonite Church
Mime   Larry Swanson Prairie Theatre Exchange School
Directing   Chris Johnson Prairie Theatre Exchange School
Voice   Gail Loadman Prairie Theatre Exchange School
Improvisation   Rob Slade Prairie Theatre Exchange School
Special Interests / Skills
Voice over work, Lighsaber combat

If you wish to contact Tim about a theatre project please email us.

Tim Webster
. . . is an Australian television and radio personality and sports broadcaster - hang on. That’s another guy (never trust Wikipedia). Here we go: Way back . . . last century . . . Tim began performing publicly on a children's television program in 1977, moving on to stage work in 1984. Upon graduating with a theatre degree from the University of Manitoba in 1991 he immediately began eking out a living in a variety of ways as most theatre majors must or starve, and he was one of the three founding members of the Crosseyed Rascals in 2001. Professionally, he is a Standardized Patient Educator for the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba and completed a masters of education degree in 2019. He would also like to take this opportunity to deny the completely unfounded rumour that he has had elective plastic surgery to crop his naturally-pointed ears.

Be sure to look at his Theatrical Resume below.