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Theatrical Resume:

Strokes of Genius-Fringe Play Actor/Writer/Founder Rob Kwade Strokes of Genius
The Profession Schäffer Matt Molnar Crosswalk Productions
When God Comes for Breakfast,
You Don't Burn the Toast
Harry Marcia Plett Crosswalk Productions
The Birdcage Albert Jean-Marc Lafond Crosswalk Productions
The Astonished Heart Christian Faber John Chase Merlyn Productions
I Love You, You're Perfect,
Now Change
Principal Actor Scott Pilgrim New GrAttitude Productions
A Marriage Proposal Ivan Vassilvitch Lomov John Chase Merlyn Productions
Wind of 1000 Tales Kikushyo/Mayor/Breeze John Chase Merlyn Productions
Agustus Does His Bit Agustus John Chase Merlyn Productions
So You Think You Can Be A
Music Theatre Idol-4: All Stars
Ripp Tripper - Judge Leith Clark White Rabbit Productions
Brain From Planet X Fred Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Clue Mr. Green Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical Principal Actor Kendra Jones Crosswalk Players
Seussical Cat in the Hat Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Owners Worsley Higgy o'Higgins Skyline Theatre
So You Think You Can Be A
Music Theatre Idol-3: Apocalyse
Ripp Tripper - Judge Jeff Kohut White Rabbit Productions
Bloodless: The Trial of
Burke and Hare
Dr. Robert Knox Sharon Bajer White Rabbit Productions
What About Luv? Harry Berlin Kendra Jones Crosswalk Players
Oscar Aldo Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Fiddler on the Roof: Musical Motel Kamzoil Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya Scott Pilgrim Crosswalk Players
Oliver: The Musical Mr. Sowerberry/Dr. Grimwig Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
So You Think You Can Be A
Music Theatre Idol-2: Skid Row
Ripp Tripper - Judge Jeff Kohut White Rabbit Productions
Godspell Jeffery/Herb Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
Bannock's Creatures
of Relativity
Proffessor Bannock Liz Bartram Phoenix Productions
Black Comedy Harold Gorringe Rob Kwade Tara Players
Scrooge: The Musical Tom Jenkins/Jacob Marley Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
The Cat and the Moon Lame Irish Beggar Dean Harder University of Winnipeg
Bannock's Creatures Proffessor Bannock Liz Bartram Phoenix Productions
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Snoopy Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
Brainstorm Todd Angela Gillis Manitoba Epilepsy Association
BOOM! Wacko the Clown Les Klassen University of Winnipeg
Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat
Gad/Baker Laurie Fischer North Kildonan
Community Players
Honestly Knight Ferdinand Xiam Webster Phoenix Productions
On A Wing and A Prayer T. Gordon Barclay Katherine Cormack Living Christmas Tree Productions
Our Town Simon Stimpson Esther Dueck Concord College
Winnipeg Free Press Actor Kimberly Ireton Global Communications
Path in Time Guard Kieth Eides Vision Light Productions
Project Improv (TV Pilot) Sticks Les Klassen Vision Light Productions
Other Theatre Experience
Sex and Sex Ability Cabaret Writer/Actor Debbie Paterson / Arne MacPherson / Trish Cooper Sick + Twisted Theatre
Winnipeg Improv Fest Improvisor    
My Frozen Heart: A Comic Tradegy Producer Fringe Crosswalk Productions
Lame Is: Disability Cabaret Writer/Actor Debbie Paterson / Arne MacPherson / Trish Cooper Sick + Twisted Theatre
Strokes of Genius-Sketch Comedy Actor/Writer/Founder   Strokes of Genius
The Bald Soprano Producer Fringe Crosswalk Productions
The Appointment Director Fringe Crosswalk Productions
Caberet Drector Fringe Crosswalk Players
This is a Play Director Fringe Theatre at Play
A Timely Friend Director   Phoenix Productions
Not In My House Director   Phoenix Productions
Spyder's Web Director   Phoenix Productions
Bannock's Creatures
of Relativity
Writer Fringe Phoenix Productions
Bannock's Creatures Writer Fringe Phoenix Productions
Crosswalk Productions Artistic Director 2015-Present Crosswalk Productions
Improv Instruction Improv Coach 2009-2010 Arther A Leach Jr. High
Theatre Education Theatre Ensemble Course Instructor 2009-2011 Canadian Mennonite University
Musical Political Satire Actor/Writer/Director
Artistic Director
2004-2019 BS Comedy Players
M-Team: Travelling
Performance Team
1999-2000 MB Mission
Vision: Travelling
Performance Team
Actor/Musician 1993-1994 Concord College
The Difference
Performance Team
Actor/Writer/Director 1992-1998 Concord College
Education / Training
Theatre Program     University of Winnipeg
Vocal Work Tenor 1/2 John Martens Canadian Mennonite University
Vocal Work Baritone Bill Baerg/Rudy Schellenberg Mennonite Oritorio Chior
Masterclass Comedy Steve Martin Online
Masterclass Acting Samuel L. Jackson Online
Special Interests / Skills
Accents, Singing, Graphic Design

If you wish to contact Mitch about a theatre project please email us.

Mitch Krohn
"A long time ago when the Earth was green...." Mitch got home from Africa and joined the Rascals in 2002. Mitch is a man of a thousand faces, has worked with many Winnipeg theatre companies, including Sick +Twisted, North Kildonan Community Players, Phoenix Productions, Theatre & Play, Merlyn Productions and White Rabbit Productions. He is also one of the founding members of Strokes of Genius Comedy (comedy from stroke survivors). Since 2002, he has been participating in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, where he has several times donned the director’s hat to such hits as “Cabaret” and “This is a Play”. He also spent a few years travelling with international performance troupes. Mitch served as the Artistic Director of the BS Comedy Players (Musical Political Satire) for 8 years until its closure in 2019, and the artistic director of Crosswalk Productions. He received his dramatic training through the University of Winnipeg’s theatre program and has taught his own Theatre Ensemble class at the Canadian Mennonite University.
In 2016 Mitch suffered a major spinal injury and severe stroke that left his ability to be the "physical comedy" guy extremely altered, but his ability to create fun and interesting characters always entertains audiences.

Be sure to look at his Theatrical Resume below.