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Theatrical Resume:

A Beautiful View L Jane Walker Snakeskin Jacket
Wang Dang Deana George Toles Snakeskin Jacket
The Wife Rita Ivan Henwood Snakeskin Jacket
States of Shock:
A Vaudeville Nightmare
White Woman Ivan Henwood Snakeskin Jacket
Hey Shorty! Vol. 2 Actor Jane Walker/Various Snakeskin Jacket
Hey Shorty! Actor Jane Walker/Various Snakeskin Jacket
Under The Glacier Ua (#2) George Toles Snakeskin Jacket
An Examination of Raphael Saray's Ouvre Actor Connie Manfredi/Various Miracle Violence Connection
Let Freedom Hum Lisa Beaumont Jane Walker Miracle Violence Connection
Shakey Must Die Bonnie Jane Walker Miracle Violence Connection
Other Theatre Experience
See Bob Run Director Kerri Woloszyn Snakeskin Jacket
Guy & Man: Helping Hands Director/Creative Colaborator Kerri Woloszyn Burning Meatloaf
Ellie & David's Parents

Writer/Creative Colaborator

Barbara Santiago Miracle Violence Connection
Hey Shorty! Vol 3 Actor/Creative Colaborator/Producer Jeremy Rampton Snakeskin Jacket

If you wish to contact Kerri about a theatre project please email us.

Kerri Woloszyn
Has been a Rascal since 2012. She is a University of Manitoba alumnus, and is a member of various Winnipeg performance groups. Kerri is currently an artistic member of Snakeskin Jacket, her other primary theatre company. During the Winnipeg Fringe Festival she can often be seen running between productions, changing costumes on the fly. Okay not really, but almost! Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kerri loves the Winnipeg Jets, the Winnipeg theatre scene and all things television.
Be sure to look at her Theatrical Resume below.